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Whether you are a kind of a person who embraces sedentary lifestyles or an active sportsman, you will have to keep your body fit. This is because from time to time, your muscles or blood vessels will often wear out and require some rejuvenation.

The Thai massage is one of the fitness undertakings which may help you to accomplish this noble aim. In Hobart Tasmania, Thai Massage is simply the most popular form of massage. We are here to let you know of the finer details of this particular fitness exercise. Our goal is to aid you in making the right decision with regards to leveraging the awesome power of this gem.


For a start, the Thai massage is a vigorous form of massage. It dates back thousands of years and was as a matter of fact widely used to heal, rejuvenate, and energize the weary bodies. To implement this form of massage, a therapist stimulates the flow of energy to clear any blockages which cause tension and stress. The therapist makes use of the gentle yoga poses and stretches to manipulate the limbs and muscles.


The invention of this form of massage is largely credited to one Shivago Komarpaj. He is largely regarded to have been the physician of the founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha. The massage started taking shape and form around 2,500 years ago.

It is said that through the use of this massage technique, Buddha treated many important persons of this time. It is for this reason that the massage technique has endured the test of time to find relevance also in this day and age.


Just like every other sporting or fitness activity, the Thai massage also requires a number of co-operant tools and equipment to undertake. These include an experienced and specially-trained therapist, well-equipped clinic, and other gears.

Usually, traditional Thai Massage is performed on the floor. But as a modern yet traditional day spa, we use special massage beds which actually boost the performance of the massage. So you are guaranteed more benefits while our therapists are at lower risk of injury.

To undertake the activity, a therapist stretches, pulls, and rocks the skin and the muscles to relieve the tension and improve the flexibility of the body as well as its range of motions. These approaches have earned the technique the designation ‘lazy person’s yoga.’

While stretching, pulling, and rocking your skin and muscles, the therapist also moves your limbs in a couple of yoga-like stretches. At the same time, he applies some deep muscle compression, acupressure, and joint mobilizations to keep you fit.

As part of the exercise, the Thai massage makes use of the energy work which treats the subtle energetic field that lies in the body. The energy work corrects any constrictions, imbalances, and deficiencies which might impede the flow of this particular energy. The end result is improved overall health.



On the whole, this exercise is for anybody. However, the following cadres of users will find it particularly handy and relevant to their needs:


Almost all sporting activities are rigorous in scope and nature. They stretch and strain the muscles considerably. It is not uncommon therefore for a sportsman to experience muscles cramps, excessive fatigue and other dangers which ordinarily arise after sporting activity.

The Thai massage has the ability to undo these issues and restore the health and stature of the sportsmen to their original proper working states. Sportsmen are by far the key beneficiaries of these forms of exercising.

Injured Person

Injuries bring about almost the same dangers and issues as the sporting activities above. Moreover, most injuries are better off handled by non-invasive techniques as the Thai massage. With regards to this, the Thai massage is a must for anyone who may experience any physical injuries.

In particular, the massage is great for bone dislocations, muscle cramps, constricted blood vessels, and excessive pain. Its soothing and calming effects also hasten the recovery from injuries besides lessening the intensity of the pains.

Fitness and Outdoor Enthusiast

As stated severally, those who spend much of their time outdoors and in the gyms are predisposed to injuries, the risks of bone dislocations, and excessive fatigue. Even though a number of intervention measures do exist, none comes even close to the Thai massage.

This is informed by a number of factors. Its non-invasive nature, cheaper costs, limited side effects, and high efficiency are but a few of those. Moreover, it brings many other benefits which mean a higher value for your money in the long run.

Sedentary Lifestyles

Persons who embrace sedentary lifestyles will often experience blood clots in the lower legs, strained spinal cord, constricted blood vessels, and compromised blood flow as well as heartbeats. It, therefore, follows that persons of these kinds will also require the Thai massage exercise.

The exercise has the impact and ability to hasten the rate of heartbeat, unclog any constrictions, rejuvenate the body and muscles and relieve any muscle cramps, among others. The fact that it brings about almost no adverse side effects makes it all the more desirable.

Stressed or Depressed Persons

Lastly, the massage also brings about some emotional benefits. This stems from its soothing and stress-relief benefits. Indeed, the procedures involved in the Thai massage also trigger the release of the endorphins hormones which elevate the mood to cause you to be happy.

Due to these awesome benefits, the massage therapy can and indeed do help in combating stress and depression. Unlike the mostly chemical interventions, it does not at all leave behind any adverse side effects which may inflict further harms.



Even though the Thai massage therapy is great, it is unfortunately not for every other person. Indeed, in some persons, the therapy may end up worsening the pre-existing medical situations. In this section, we are going to highlight and explain some of the main kinds of persons who will have to stay away from this massage therapy as much as possible:

Acute Illnesses

In case you have any acute illness, you have no option but to stay away from this form of massage. These are illnesses that have an abrupt onset and may often strike without any prior notice or psychological preparedness.

Examples of these acute illnesses are urinary tract infection, skin infections, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, chronic pains, common cold, bacterial sinusitis, and dry coughs. If and when they strike while undergoing the therapy, the end result may often be too undesirable to even imagine.


Hypertension refers to high blood pressure. It is a situation in which the pressure of blood rises higher than what would ordinarily be considered normal or optimal. You are advised to also stay away from the Thai massage if you suffer or are predisposed to this condition.

The logic here is that your involvement in this form of massage may often trigger severe complications which often increase the risks of heart diseases, stroke, and ultimately, premature deaths.

Existing Pregnancy

In times of pregnancies, women are often moody, weaker, and generally sensitive to any changes in their physical and emotional environments. Moreover, the unborn children they carry are also sensitive to any changes in the aforementioned parameters.

The last you want to do while pregnant is involve yourself in an activity that can injure your baby or predispose to you any complications during the birth of the child. It is therefore in your best interest to stay away from this massage until such a time you have recovered from childbirth.

Orthopedic Conditions/Pains Invalid

If you are currently being treated for or are still recuperating from any form of orthopedic conditions or pains in your joints and bones, this again is not an exercise to undergo. By its nature and scope, this exercise is extremely involving and intense. It really subjects the muscles and the bones to extreme impacts.

You may hence worse these conditions if you choose to undergo the massage while recovering or being treated for any of the stated conditions. Just exercise a bit of patience and recover from the conditions fully before proceeding to undergo the massage.

Surgery Invalid

The above case is also applicable to anyone who is presently recovering from surgery. The reason here is that most surgeries entail the incision and the subsequent stitching of some body parts. By subjecting these parts of the body to intense exercises, the end result may often mean further damages to the stitches which may cause excessive bleeding or too much pain.

Most surgeons recommend that you keep off any intense activities for around six months after surgery. It is also a wise idea to consult the surgeon who was responsible for your surgery first to receive a go-ahead before engaging in any activity of this kind later.

Pre-existing Dermatological Condition

If you do happen to possess some dermatological conditions like the skin rash, sensitive skins, boils, or measles, you yet again want to avoid this kind of massage. These conditions are in and of themselves largely unaffected by the intense exercises.

They are however impacted by other materials which are utilized in the course of the massage. These include the massage lotions and oils. Their potent formulations will usually worsen these skin problems to leave behind worse outcomes and conditions.


Generally speaking, these kinds of intense exercises are not recommended for persons who are below the age of 18 years. They are too weak and underdeveloped to be able to bear the intensity which comes along in the course of exercising.

The same case may also apply to people who are either too weak or underweight to be able to similarly bear the strong and mighty impacts that ordinarily come along at such times. Some form of patience is yet again needed here.

Old Age

At extremely advanced ages like above 65 years, the bones become feebler and the general state of health begins to deteriorate. The dangers of bone dislocations, fractures, and permanent injuries are therefore heightened.

As such, this massage may be too strong to undergo. You are yet again advised undertaking this particular exercise if you happen to fall in this age bracket. It is better to care for your bones and overall health as a matter of priority.


The following are the major benefits of the Thai massage:

Lowers Stress

As explained above, the Thai massage aids in mitigating stress and depression. The main reason which underlies this is the fact that it brings along great relaxation and soothing effects. This stems from its release of the endorphins hormones which induce a sense of ‘feel good.’

It also streamlines the flow of blood which subsequently reduces stress points by spreading the sensation of pain evenly in the body. Its lack of any chemicals goes a long way in enhancing your overall mental health.

Boosts Energy

When appropriately applied, the Thai massage can also boost your body energy. As noted, the therapy can heighten the levels of metabolism which increases the supply of energy in the body. Moreover, it also relieves the muscle cramps which are responsible for the bodily fatigue and loss of enthusiasm that follows shortly thereafter.

To be able to leverage this benefit, you have to take a cold shower soon after the exercise. It also leads to the smooth flow of blood in the body.

Relieves Headaches

Are you susceptible to the risks of headaches and migraines? Consider going through a Thai massage session. Due to the fact that the massage triggers the release of endorphins hormones, it indirectly has a role to play in the relief of headaches.

The hormones combat stress and depression tendencies. It hence lessens the pains which ordinarily arise in a typical headache session. It has to be specially done to be able to give rise to this benefit though.

Stimulates Circulation

In the process of massaging the body, the blood vessels are dilated as do the relief of the muscle cramps. This is not to mention their roles in unclogging any restrictions or blockages in the blood vessels.

These two activities, therefore, have the attendant benefit of stimulating the circulation of blood in the body. The benefits of improved blood circulation are too numerous to mention. Improved metabolism, effective waste disposal, and highly energized body are few examples of these numerous benefits.

Improves range of motion

The term ‘range of motion’ refers to the full range of the flexion and extension of the limbs at a joint. This parameter is often impacted adversely when the body is subjected to injuries and other kinds of dangers.

You may yet again look up to the Thai massage to reverse this condition and extend the range of motion accordingly. It is mainly suited for this role by virtue of being able to ease the muscle tensions and ensure a smooth flow of blood to the joints.

Reduces lower back pain

When subjected to intense impacts and weights, the back usually develops great pain which is mainly as the result of the warped spinal cord. The Thai massage can also handle this particular issue exceptionally well.

Let your therapist know of your intention in advance if you ever hope to obtain this particular benefit. This is because the therapy has to be performed in a special manner. In particular, it has to be prejudiced towards alleviating the back pains.

Improves mood and eases anxiety

Massages are by far the most popular alternative to the mainstream kinds of medicines which are designed to improve the moods and ease anxiety. It is suited for this kind of application in that it triggers the release of the endorphins hormones.

Moreover, it also lowers the stress levels considerably in the body due to the enhanced circulation of blood. With regards to this, the Thai massage is a great way to combat a couple of mood disorders, depression, and anxiety.

Aids in Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke is a medical condition in which there is a poor supply of blood to the brain. This often results in premature deaths. Inasmuch as the Thai massage cannot treat the condition completely, it nevertheless has the ability to aid in its rehabilitation.

After taking the necessary medication, you also want to undergo this massage. Your body shall be rejuvenated whereas your blood circulation will be restored to the robust levels. This way, your brain shall resume receiving an unconstrained supply of blood.



The typical Thai massage is not intended to be painful at all. Unfortunately, it can be painful. This depends mainly on how it is carried out. Indeed it is not uncommon for the patients to experience some pain, occasional crippling, extreme fatigue, and sometimes, even bleeding.

By far the most notable cause of these pains are the applications of pressure to the tender fibers of the muscles. This procedure will often exert some discomfort and excessive pain especially when it is haphazardly done.

The good news though is that these issues can effectively be mitigated. This can only happen if a massage therapist varies the intensity of the pressure in such a manner as to respond appropriately to the sensitive areas like the joints and the knee cap.

On the same note, the therapist should also take great care while stretching the body and the muscles in particular. This procedure is also responsible for a number of injuries and permanent problems later such as crippling and bone dislocations.



To minimize the aforementioned issues, it is necessary to make some preparations before attending a massage session or clinic. These also will go a long way in reducing the likelihood of such problems intensifying if and when they unfortunately arise. If you are coming to try Thai Massage at Jun Lin Sun in Hobart CBD or Jun Lin Moon in Sandy Bay, we recommend going through the following processes.

Step I: Put on appropriate attire

Put on the right gears for the massage session. Generally speaking, you are advised to put on loose and comfortable clothing. These allow you to exercise freely without any restrictions or hindrances of whichever kind. If you can afford the expensive sporting gears, by all means, do go for them.

Step II: Set your mind accordingly

A typical Thai massage session lasts around 60 minutes to 2 hours long. You have to set your mind appropriately before proceeding to a Thai massage clinic. Having this knowledge fixed somewhere at the back of your mind will empower you to hold on even in the most intense and daunting of exercises.

Step III: Do not eat too heavy a meal before a massage

Other than putting on lighter attire, you should also make deliberate efforts to eat lighter meals. Take some vegetables, popcorns, and drinks which are easier to digest. Many people do bloat or fart while undergoing heavy exercises. Taking light and digestible means is a sure way of preventing this unfortunate eventuality.

Step IV: Arrive early

On the actual day of the massage, do arrive early. Get to the venue for around 10 minutes latest before the commencement of the massage exercise. This will give you time to acquaint yourself with the venue and to relax any existing tensions you might have. Such a move is also necessary to give you room to change and fill the necessary forms.

Step V: Inform your massage therapist of your entire health history in advance

It is important to inform your massage therapist of your entire health history in advance. This will help him to know what to avoid when carrying out the exercise. As stated above, some people are ineligible for this form of exercising. Such disclosure will also help the massage therapist to ascertain your eligibility.

Step VI: Speak out of any discomforts

Lastly, you have to speak out of any discomforts in the course of the massage session. This again will go a long way to let the therapist know what adjustments to make so as to prevent aggravating the pre-existing condition.



Finding a good Thai massage clinic is just as awesome as the massage itself. Indeed, the benefits we have outlined above are only achievable if the right clinic and therapist is brought on board. We have devoted this section to discuss the factors that inform the choice of the best clinic for the job:

Skilled Workforce

Needless to say, the best Thai massage clinic has to be manned by a skilled workforce. In particular, the therapists must be appropriately trained and have the requisite certifications. This is your only guarantee that you will obtain the best outcomes imaginable.

You have to skim the skill and educational background of the therapist to be able to ascertain this. You might also want to consult the various accreditation agencies for independent verifications and background checks to this effect.

Massage Experience

The clinic of choice also has to possess lengthy massage experience. For this to be assured, the clinic has to have been in existence for a longer duration of time. Definitely, the longer a clinic is operational, the more likely it is that it shall acquire plenty of working experience.

A clinic of that kind is thus more likely to provide higher quality services and outcomes. You will have to conduct some background checks via the various websites to get to know this information.

Licensure and Accreditations

To be certain of your wellbeing and the outcomes you are likely to achieve, the best clinic has to possess the necessary licensure and accreditations. Before these titles are conferred, they have to meet a couple of stringent terms and conditions which are designed to guarantee your maximum safety and wellbeing.

As a matter of necessity, the ideal clinic has to earn the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA). It is this particular one which guarantees the highest levels of satisfaction and quality services on your part.

Safety Records

Generally speaking, massages are deadly and potentially injurious. You do not want to jeopardize yourself at all while undertaking this activity. This is why you have to be mindful of your safety and the clinic’s ability to guarantee it.

Ask yourself the following questions: ‘How many injuries have past clients reported after using this clinic?’, ‘Were they avoidable?’, and ‘Who was at fault?’ By answering these questions appropriately, you will be able to determine just how safe and less likely you will be to sustain any injuries.

Costs vs. Financial Resource Endowment

Lastly, you have to consider just how much money you may be required to part with. These activities do cost money, and in some cases, plenty of it. You do not have to dig too deep to be able to access them though.

A good massage clinic has to be cheap and affordable. It should also have packages which you can choose from rather than complete and wholesome amounts. This is to spare you the need to dig too deep in your pocket to be able to access the services.


Are you based in the Hobart, Tasmania area and its environs? Are you on the lookout for a good Thai massage clinic for your use? Look no further than us. We are a Day Spa that is based in Hobart, Tasmania. We are always open for persons of all walks of life to access these services.

Ours is a top day spa according to Google Maps, Facebook Reviews and also Trip Advisor Reviews. The quality of our services is pretty high. Our therapists are not left out either. They have qualifications and training of more than 3 years on average on Thai Massage. Moreover, a number of them are Thai nationals. So we can create an authentic Thai massage experience at reasonable prices.

And if you happen to possess medical massage rebates with your health insurance providers, you can claim them with us as our therapists are recognized by most health insurances such as Bupa, MediBank, St. Lukes Health, and HICAP, to mention but a few!

In all, we have two practices where we do the Thai Massage. One is Jun Lin Sun and the other is Jun Lin Moon. You will find the address in the following websites https://junlinsun.com.au/ and https://junlinmoon.com.au/. Lastly, our pricing is also affordable! This is a slight breakdown of those prices: 30 minutes – 55 AUD, 45 minutes – 75 AUD, 60 minutes – 90 AUD, 75 minutes – 110 AUD, 90 minutes – 130 AUD, and 120 minutes – 165 AUD.


Do call on us at any given time to be able to access these and indeed so much more related services. Give us a call or Contact Us. We are all the more ready and eager to handle your requests soonest possible!

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