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From time to time, your body will inevitably wear out or suffer from the effects of excessive fatigue. Such an undesirable impact will definitely take a toll on your health and well-being. If and when confronted with such a circumstance, you will definitely want to remedy the situation somehow. This is where the remedial massage comes in. Being obscure, chances are you might not know much about it. You definitely want some guidance to this end. Our aim in the proceeding conversation shall be to examine this fitness practice in finer details. In this writing, we will break down everything you need to know about Remedial Massage. As an added bonus, we will also mention where in Hobart you can get the best Remedial Massage. So stay tuned!


For a start, a remedial massage is a therapy which entails the treatment of the various anatomy of the body. These include the ligaments, tendons, muscles and the connective tissues. It is mainly used to restore the body to its original or perfect condition mostly after exhaustion, intense workout, injuries, or dislocations. In rare circumstances, this approach may also serve as a regular fitness regime or workout.


Even though this treatment workout is suitable for all kinds of persons, the following cadres will find it particularly essential:


Given the intense nature of athletics, the athletes will always find this workout quite handy. This is because as has already been stated, this exercise regime plays the vital role in restoring the various bodily faculties to their original or proper working conditions. Given that they are free of any chemicals or preservatives, they are safer and more reliable. This is not to mention that they also tone muscles considerably.

Manual Workers

Just like their athlete counterparts, the manual workers are also prone to exhaustion, muscle cramps, and other forms of bodily harms and injuries. They too need to realign these body parts and restore them to their original and proper working conditions. This form of exercising helps such kinds of persons to overcome exhaustion and too much fatigue. This form of exercising has to be used alongside other liniment or medication.

Fitness and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor enthusiasts like the campers, hikers, and cyclists will also experience extreme fatigue and exhaustion from time to time. This stems from the fact that such activities do entail a great deal of physical exercising and human effort.

The remedial massage has the ability to restore the muscles, joints, and body to the right tone and shape. It, therefore, plays a great role in the recovery of the body after such exhaustive undertakings.

Injured Persons

Even though the remedial massage is mainly intended to restore the body to the proper working condition, it can also perform the role of treating a couple of bodily harms. In light of this, persons who are injured and are recuperating from some ills may also find it quite a reliable curative procedure.

By bringing in an experienced therapist, this exercise has the potential to cure the body and ward off the potentially undesirable side effects.

Crippled People

Lastly, those persons who are crippled as a result of accidents or injuries may also gain from the therapy. This is because this therapy has been proven to be great at reversing the side effects of injuries, fractures, and lacerations. Given its less demanding nature, it is safer and more likely to yield better outcomes on the whole. Moreover, it requires no sophisticated equipment or expertise to undertake.

Remedial Massage for Back Pain Hobart
Desk Job can have a heavy toll on the lower back. Remedial Massage can help relief lower back pain.

Long-term Desktop Workers

Persons who spend much of their typical working day on a desk in front of a computer will also most definitely want this kind of therapy. The logic behind this is that their backs and spines are predisposed to the risks of slouching, severe neck and back pains and aches. These include Information technology experts, receptionists, business persons, engineers, and customer service executives.


This form of massage finds applications in the following activities and circumstances:

General Wellness

It may be used to enhance the health and the wellbeing of the body just like every other fitness routine. To this end, this form of therapy may be used alongside other fitness activities like the gym workouts. For it to achieve this role, it has to be carried out under the direct supervision of an experienced therapist. This may also require enrolment in a gym or fitness club.

Mitigation of Chronic Conditions

If you happen to suffer from some physical conditions that are recurrent, consider leveraging the awesome power of the remedial massage as a way of mitigating the conditions stated. Examples of such conditions are the backaches, headaches, migraines, and neck aches. This form of exercising revitalizes the body and releases stress greatly. In the course of so doing, it waters down the severity of the conditions stated.

Enhancement of Athletic Performances

If you are an athlete, you might also want to incorporate this remedial massage in your practice or fitness routine. This is for the sheer reason that it plays a vital role in revitalizing the body and rejuvenating the various faculties like breathing and blood circulation. It also keeps the muscles toned in such a manner as to be able to operate optimally.

Stress Relief

Given that the massage triggers the release of the endorphin hormones, it aids in the relief of stress. That is because these hormones induce the sense of ‘feel good’ whenever they are released into the bloodstream. The end result of such an exercise is the fact that the pains and stress are either suppressed or simply vanish away. You will hardly suffer from depression or other mental issues by undergoing this therapy on a regular basis.


As part and parcel of your recovery from extreme emotional setback, you might yet again want to incorporate the remedial massage. When used alongside other intervention measures, the remedial massage can contribute immensely to the rehabilitation of the body. It particularly comes in handy during recovery from incapacitation or extreme injuries.

Pain and Injury Management

Lastly, this form of massage is also great for pain and injury management. Its role in stretching out the muscles ensure that the blood flows unhindered. Moreover, the activity of massaging in and of itself also soothes the muscle cramps which waters down the sensation of pain. Owing also to its natural and harmless nature, the massage also makes the entire process cheaper and more convenient.


Generally speaking, the following are some of the major benefits you should expect to derive from the remedial massage.

Corrects Bodily Problems

This form of massage has the ability to correct a couple of bodily problems. These include blood circulation, posture, muscle tones, pain, and joints issues. Unlike most other alternative interventions, this massage requires no use of chemicals or extremely sophisticated fitness equipment. As such, it is cheaper and safer to make use of. Notwithstanding this, it is also thorough in its impacts and outcomes.

Reduces Stress

As has already been noted above, this remedial massage can reduce stress considerably. The massage indeed induces a feeling of greater calm and relaxation. This is chiefly because it triggers the release of the endorphin hormones which induces the sense of ‘feel good.’ It also suppresses the cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine which are chiefly responsible for causing stress. You might want to leverage its power to relax or combat stress.

Boosts Bodily Immunity

Given that this form of massage reduces the stress hormones and boosts the release of endorphin hormones, it has the attendant capability of boosting the immunity of the body. By undergoing this procedure every quite often, you empower your body to operate more effectively and with minimal impairments. Moreover, the massage enhances the drainage of the lymph which further contributes to heightened immunity.

Raises the Mental Alertness

When the physical strength fades and fatigue sets in so does the mental health too. You will generally feel tired, detached from reality, and unable to stay focused on a particular activity for too long when you are tired. This is where the remedial massage also comes in. Given that it relaxes the muscles and relieves stress as has already been explained, it follows that it also contributes to the raising of mental alertness.

Relaxes the Muscular Tensions and Pains

Proper massaging is an excellent way of reducing the buildup of tensions and stress at the various pressure and trigger points. This is because it triggers the smooth flow of blood within the cardiovascular system. The end result of this is the alleviation of any pain, over and above the elimination of pain. You, therefore, get to stay fresh for a prolonged duration of time by undertaking this form of therapy on a regular basis.

Bolsters the Mobility of Joints

As stated, this form of massage has the ability to release the muscular tension around the joints. With regards to this, it can and indeed does increase the range of motions around the said areas. It also eliminates the stiffness of the joints if and when they do arise. This enables the functioning of the muscles to support the movements of the joints considerably.

Enhances Posture

When carried out around the shoulder areas and along the spine, this massage can also aid in enhancing your posture. This is the therapy to look up to if you are that kind of a person who spends too much of his time sitting at a computer desk. It lengthens the muscles and balances out the body to give rise to improved postural alignments.

Remedial Massage For Healthy Skin
Remedial Massage can help maintain healthy looking skin.

Improves Skin Tone

Perhaps the most significant benefit of the massage is the fact that it releases tension throughout the body. This benefits impacts just about every other portion of the body; including the skin. If and when the skin is impacted in this manner, the attendant outcome is an improved skin tone. What’s more? It also stimulates the production of sebum, boosts suppleness, and softens dry skin.

Helps in Managing Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

While on their menses, it is not uncommon for women to experience discomforts mainly as the result of the pre-menstrual syndrome. By massaging the abdomen thoroughly moments before the onset of the menses, you get to mitigate this particular issues proactively. It relaxes the muscles, boosts the flow of blood, and relieves the pain which is ordinarily felt at such places.

Streamlines Sleep Patterns

Lastly, this remedial massage also has an impact of streamlining the sleep patterns. This stems from the combined benefits and effects of all the entire exercise. With a relaxed body, less pain, enhanced flow of blood, and the relaxed muscles, you certainly have no reason as to not sleep perfectly. Unlike the sleep-inducing tablets, it is devoid of chemicals and is thus comparatively less harmful.


Remedial Massage Hobart
A Client Enjoying Remedial Massage at Jun Lin Sun in Hobart Tasmania


A typical remedial massage therapy session should last around 50 minutes to one hour. The exact timing, however, varies from one therapy to another. This is because each therapy is unique given that it impacts different portions of the body and aims at achieving comparatively different outcomes altogether. It is therefore up to you to talk it your with your therapist to determine just how much time may be suited for your unique circumstance.


The frequency with which you ought to try out the remedial massage differs. The following are some of the major applications of this therapy together with the recommended frequency of undertaking it:

General Wellness

If all you want from this therapy is to stay fit and in the best shape and form, you are advised to undertake it around once or twice a month. This allows you to secure the benefits but not strain your faculties too much then what would ordinarily be expected.

Treatment of Chronic Conditions

For the treatment of chronic conditions, you are advised to undergo the massage therapy more frequently. Start off with twice per week for the first four to six weeks. Thereafter, increase the time in between the sessions as your condition improves. Persist with the therapy until such a time that you observe some meaningful progress.

Enhancement of Athletic Performance

Given the intense nature of athletics, it follows that the remedial massage that is geared towards its improvement also ought to be equally intense. This is why it is necessary to undergo such a massage therapy as frequent as two to three times weekly in moments of intense training. You should, however, scale this down to around once or twice a month in those moments that you are no longer actively preparing any athletic competitions.

Stress Relief

The buildup of stress is a rare occurrence. As such, it requires not too much attention and effort on your part. With regards to this, only once to twice a week may be necessary for the relief of stress. The frequency should, however, be varied upwards in case the intensity of stress is too much or too persistent.


Generally speaking, rehabilitation tasks are often too demanding. Consequently, they call for more frequent and intense workouts. In case you leverage of this remedial massage is for the sake of rehabilitating your body after a period of adverse side effect, you want to perform the massage no less than twice per week. You may also have to up the intensity in response to the severity of the condition.

Pain and Injury Management

Pains and injuries come in various shades, forms, and intensities. These variations have a bearing on the frequency with which the remedial massage may be carried out. If the conditions stated are too severe, you might need to carry out the massage as often as twice or thrice a week. If on the other hand, they are mild, just once a month may be needful.


Needless to say, the remedial massage is not the only form of massage available. Indeed, there exist innumerable others like the deep tissue, sports, Swedish, and trigger point massage, to mention but a few! The remedial massage stands apart from these others in the following regards:

Intent or Purpose

As explained severally, the remedial massage is intended to ‘remedy’ the body. This simply means that it aims at restoring the body to its original or proper working condition. Other forms of massage may endeavour to condition the body in certain forms and manners. The sports massage for an instant is meant to prepare the body to perform optimally while on the pitch.

Techniques Employed

Given its comprehensive nature, the remedial massage employs many kinds of tools and equipment. These include the seat cushions, rollers, PNF stretching, trigger-point therapy, muscle stripping, and the Myofascial release. Other forms of massage are generally specific. As such, they require the employment of fewer tools and techniques. These tools and techniques are also specific and are hence unique to those strategies alone.


The remedial massage is for everyone. This stems from its comprehensive nature and the fact that it finds applicability in numerous places and conditions. Other forms of massage are specific in their scope and impacts. This is due to the fact that they are specialized in nature and are as such exclusive in their impacts. This means that the remedial massage is the more profitable form of massage as it achieves more for less.

Workout Intensity

The intensity of the remedial massage is generally more thorough. It is by its design and intention meant to work the entire body and handle a range of issues and potential problems. This is what informs its intensity and overall thoroughness. Other forms of massages are on the contrary less intense and mainly localized in scope. They are hence less likely to deliver the desired outcomes intended.

Focus and Attention

All factors considered, the remedial massage is multi-faceted both in focus and attention. It can be directed toward specific portions of the body or modified to generate specific impacts among others. Others, as stated, are limited in their approach, focus, and attention. As such, there is too little you might possibly gain from them.


With the remedial massage, you can impact numerous parts of the body, sometimes simultaneously. The same may not be said of the other kinds of massages. This is because they are ordinarily designed to impact only limited portions of the body. For this reason, the remedial massage is more cost-effective. By opting for it, you end up deriving much but for limited investment.

Frequency of Use

The remedial massage is that activity you can carry out every quite often. This is largely informed by its ability to work numerous parts of the body at a time and to also confer numerous benefits simultaneously. The case is however different from the other kinds of massages. They are rarely invoked owing to their relatively fewer applications and potential benefits.


Owing to the intense and involving nature of the remedial massage. It is not a surprise that it is more painful than the other kinds of massages. This is however justifiable owing to the fact that it does impact numerous portions of the body at a time besides leaving behind longer-lasting impacts. You definitely want to give it a higher priority.


Expect to dig deeper in your pocket to undergo a remedial massage than any other kind of massage. This high cost is understandable in that the remedial massage is comprehensive in scope as has already been stated. It also requires the employment of several tools and techniques. All these have a bearing on the actual final cost. Worry not though because as stated, the benefits are more far-reaching and long-lasting.


Now that you have already familiarized yourself with the basics of the remedial massage, it is wise to learn how to arrive at the best clinic or massage therapist. The following are some of the points to factor as you go about this particular business:


A good clinic definitely ought to have the relevant tools-of-trade necessary for the execution of this role. This is necessary so as to guarantee great outcomes. Check in advance whether the clinic you are interested in has the desired equipment before choosing to have the massage done by them.

Massaging Experience

Needless to say, the clinic or therapist of interest has to possess vast experience in the field of massage. This is necessary to guarantee you great and reliable outcomes on the whole. Generally speaking, the longer a clinic stays in business, the more likely it is to possess the vast experience necessary.

Skilled Massage Therapists

The massage therapists themselves ought to be skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in the field of massage. They must of necessity have undergone the necessary training, obtained the relevant skills and work experience. If possible they should also enrol in the relevant professional bodies. You do not want to gamble at all with your health, do you?

Testimonials and Reviews

To further guarantee you the reliability of the clinic you opt for, it is necessary to obtain testimonials and past reviews of the previous clients. Such reviews and testimonials are necessary as they grant you independent verifications of the reliability and by extension the suitability of the clinics or therapists you are interested in performing the said chores.

Accreditations and Certifications

The ideal clinic should ideally be accredited with the relevant professional body or accreditation agency. Such accreditations provide further evidence and proof that the clinic or the massage therapist is trustworthy and experienced enough to undertake the activity effectively.


Best Remedial Massage in Hobart
Seira (Left) & Yurina (Right). Hobart’s two best Remedial Massage therapists working at Jun Lin Sun

Remedial Massage in Hobart – Jun Lin Sun Massage

If you happen to reside in the Hobart, Tasmania area and are in need of these services, look no further than us. We have all the co-operant factors necessary for the execution of remedial massage and its related tasks effectively. Moreover, we have also been in the business of this remedial massage for a prolonged duration of time now. Not only we are popular among residents of Hobart, but we also receive immense interest from people travelling from the mainland and the rest of the world for our top-notch quality and consistency. Our remedial massage therapists are recognized by most healthcare companies. As a result, if you happen to have a health fund rebate for a remedial massage with your provider, you will be able to claim that with Jun Lin Sun Massage & Oriental spa. We are better equipped to do a better job for you. We look forward to working with you soonest possible! Book with us by clicking here. We also have another practice located in the beautiful suburb of Sandy Bay which is immensely popular among tourists, named Jun Lin Moon. If you happen to look for a massage nearby Sandy Bay book with Jun Lin Moon by clicking here. Please consult with one of our friendly therapists before the treatment.

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