FACEComfort Spa Lotion


Hypoallergenic lotion with Spa™ Thermal Water to perfect cleansing and freshen the skin.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: SPA™ THER­MAL WATER To balance the skin’s tolerance threshold and help skin lastingly reduce its sensitivity.


To limit the facial micro-contractions that cause the appearance and permanence of expression lines and reproduce on the epidermis the same result as botulinum toxin on the skin through cosmetic action.

USE: Apply to the face and neck with a cotton pad, then dry the skin.

BENEFITS: The skin is free of superficial impurities (make-up, pollution, dust).

SCENTS:  Fragrance-free

Product for :  Skin type- Sensitive skin




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    What is Jun Lin Sun Hobart CBD?

    Jun Lin Sun massage is an authentic traditional Chinese massage practice in Hobart Tasmania. The Chinese meaning of our name Jun Lin, outlines our commitment to you. Jun means our clients are always our first priority and our duty is to respect and care for them. Lin means we try our best to make our clients feel most welcome and to assist with any problems they have. Sun stands for energy and serenity. Our staff is highly skilled and trained. We have a total of four locations throughout Hobart. They are Jun Lin Sun in Hobart CBD, Jun Lin Moon in Sandy Bay, Jun Lin Venus in Rosny Park & Jun Lin Earth in Glenorchy.
    Our Locations
    Jun Lin Moon
    14A Magnet Court, Sandy Bay, Tasmania
    Jun Lin Sun
    Level 1, 77 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania
    Jun Lin Venus
    8 Bayfield St, Rosny Park TAS 7018
    Jun Lin Earth
    383 Main Road Glenorchy Tasmania 7010