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Does massage or spa really work to help someone? Unless one has experienced massage it is really hard to explain how massage and spa treatments translate to our human body and mind. Whether it is your pampering spa session at your honeymoon resort; or a quick chair massage in Singapore Changi International Airport during a layover or a really affordable massage in the streets of Bangkok, one thing is obvious – We LOVE massage and spa treatments!

Little regarding the discovery and the name ‘Tasmania’

Despite having aboriginal populations for more than 35,000 years, Adel Tasman was the first European to discover Tasmania. This Dutch explorer named Tasmania “Anthony Van Diemen’s Land” after the sponsor of his exploration, Anthony Van Diemen. Prior to that, the beautiful island state was called ‘Trowunna’, ‘Trowenna’ or ‘Loetrouwitter’ by the aboriginal population living in the island. Despite the official name as “Van Diemen’s Land” the name “Tasmania” got popular and officially got approved on January 1, 1856.

Some amazing facts regarding Hobart and Tasmania

Tasmania has a unique mix of cultures, history and scenic beauty. The island remained a hidden gem to the rest of the world for centuries. Since airline flights are getting more affordable, people can easily visit the beautiful island state. Here we will tell you some amazing facts regarding Hobart & Tasmania, which will blow your mind!

  1. World’s Cleanest Air: The Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station, located in the far north-west of Tasmania, after long regular data collection has concluded that, Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world. This means during your visit, you can inhale air at its purest form on the planet.
  2. World’s Purest Water: The purity of Tasmania does not end in its air only. Tasmanian rainwater is sought after and regarded as the purest water in the world. The rainwater is captured on the pristine north-west coast of the island of Tasmania, Australia. The water is collected just minutes of where the World Meteorological Organization records the world’s purest air.
  3. More than 2000 KM of walking tracks and 18 National Parks: More than 20% of Tasmania’s wilderness is considered as World Heritage Area. The island state has thick rainforests with Eucalyptus which can be around 90 meters long and 10 meters wide. The island is native to Huon Pines which can be as long as 2000 years young! One can easily get lost in the vast walking tracks that go through these beautiful forests. The walking tracks can range from 3 hours to as long as 10 days. In the national parks, one can enjoy air walk, kayaking and many more.
  4. World’s Friendliest People: According to many outside tourists and travellers, Hobart is an amazing and entertaining capital. In a recent reader poll by Conde Nast, Hobart ranked as the second friendliest city in the world.

Why a massage in Hobart at Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa & Massage is worth every penny!

If your living or travelling to Tasmania, a good massage can take you a really long way. The pure water, air and the vast wilderness does count in the happiness of Tasmanian people. But one underrated factor still remains and that is Tasmania’s ‘Massage Culture’. It is true that Hobart still lacks a lot of artificial amusements like other busy cities. Many travellers believe this island has attracted some of the best massage and spa therapists of the country and abroad.

John Razmus wrote on ‘Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa & Massage’ Google Maps listing: ‘Great full body massage after 30+ hour flight from the states. VERY professional staff and clean modern facility’. Another customer named Michele Antonino wrote. ‘Recommended by another therapist as I asked for a holistic and relaxing massage as they were fully booked. Soooooo relaxing, best technique I’ve ever had!!’

And why won’t this place attract massage therapists? Jun Lin Sun therapists work in one of the best massage and spa practice in Tasmania. The massage therapists come to Tasmania from all around Australia for affordable living conditions and happy customers. Our therapists work all day to ensure the happiness of customers and Jun Lin Sun is one of the happiest spas in the state.

1# Diverse Skillset of Therapists

At Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa and Massage therapists are skilled in different massage techniques such as Traditional Chinese Massage, Japanese Shiatsu Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Remedial Massage (People can claim Health Fund Rebate), Aromatherapy Massage, Traditional Fire Cupping Massage, Reflexology Massage etc. Some of these massages are dry massage and some require the use of essential oils. Especially the aromatherapy massage is an oil massage technique only performed by our aromatherapy experts. These special massage techniques can easily set you on a happy mode and you won’t find all of these in Hobart anywhere else than Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa and Massage

2# Exclusive Partner of SOTHYS skincare products and Treatments in Hobart, Tasmania

When it comes to massage and spa treatments Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa & Massage has a very high standard. As a result, our clients have the highest expectations from Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa and Massage. As a result, this year Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa & Massage partnered with the Paris based Skincare brand SOTHYS. SOTHYS signature Hydration facial is a customer favourite at Jun Lin Sun. Every day we get a lot of bookings for Hanakasumi rituals, Oriental Sensation Spa Ritual and our SOTHYS customized spa treatments. If you are looking to purchase the SOTHYS skincare products in Hobart-Tasmania, Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa is the place you should try.

3# Certified and Professional Pregnancy Massage Treatments

If you are pregnant, it does not mean that you won’t be able to enjoy your favourite massage treatments. As one of the worlds favourite Honeymoon destination, we can easily expect many moms to be. Our practice has many certified and professional pregnancy massage therapists with years of experience who can treat you safely and securely.

4# Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa and Massage iconic location

Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa and Massage are located right on the Wellington walk in Hobart CBD at Level 1, 77 Elizabeth Street. This location is on the extremely popular wellington walk which is very near to the local shopping mall, parking and food bars and cafe.

5# Best Spa Instruments

Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa and Massage have the best spa machines and equipment. Our spa is equipped with state of the art Sauna, Jet Spa and Geisha tub. We also maintain our spa equipment regularly with experts.


Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa is like a pearl in the beautiful city of Hobart. One can enjoy once in a lifetime spa and massage experience in Hobart Tasmania at Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa. Visiting Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa and Massage you can expect hospitality of the very best level. We welcome you all at Jun Lin Sun Oriental Spa at Level 1, 77 Elizabeth Street Hobart.

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What is Jun Lin Sun Hobart CBD?

Jun Lin Sun massage is an authentic traditional Chinese massage practice in Hobart Tasmania. The Chinese meaning of our name Jun Lin, outlines our commitment to you. Jun means our clients are always our first priority and our duty is to respect and care for them. Lin means we try our best to make our clients feel most welcome and to assist with any problems they have. Sun stands for energy and serenity. Our staff is highly skilled and trained. We have a total of four locations throughout Hobart. They are Jun Lin Sun in Hobart CBD, Jun Lin Moon in Sandy Bay, Jun Lin Venus in Rosny Park & Jun Lin Earth in Glenorchy.
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