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Tasman Bridge connects the post suburbs of Rosny Park, Tranmere, Howrah and nearby suburbs to Hobart. Although Rosny Park is a commercial hub and a place of huge economical importance in Hobart, it has never had the very best spa businesses that exist in Hobart city. Well, to end that pain, Jun Lin Venus made its way to Rosny Park.

Massage in Rosny Park with Jun Lin Venus

Jun Lin Venus in Rosny Park is known for providing the best massage services in the area. We have the best therapists. Only the best therapists can get through to Jun Lin. Additionally, rigorous training is a must for every therapist. Our massage therapists have a superior understanding of human anatomy, massage techniques, health & wellbeing and most importantly hygiene. Our hygiene routine is essential in keeping our practices safe and fight the outbreak of COVID-19.

At Jun Lin Venus, we offer popular massage treatments such as Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Japanese Shiatsu Massage, Thai Massage, Reflexology Massage, Fire Cupping, Hot Stone Massage etc. One can easily book for different durations of service from 30 minutes to 2 hours. To book a massage session with Jun Lin Venus, simply click here.

Beauty Services in Rosny Park

Previously there was a lack of international beauty brands in Hobart. As such, people would know the spa to provide quality massage, but no beauty service. That ends with Jun Lin Sun. We have introduced SOTHYS Paris at Jun Lin Sun. Our cleansing products are perfect for Hobart’s cold weather. SOTHYS is well known for using natural and harm-free products. Signature treatments such as Intensive Hydrating Treatment is now available at all Jun Lin branches including Jun Lin Earth. You can also shop for SOTHYS products on our website.

Currently, you can enjoy the Luxury of using SOTHYS Paris branded products in Rosny Park as well.

Salt Room Therapy/Halotherapy in Hobart

We are proud to launch Tasmania’s first Salt Room in Hobart. Hobart is known for its cold weather in the majority of the year. Salt has key remedial benefits to fight lung and skin diseases. One can easily book a salt room session with us. We recommend coupling remedial massage with salt therapy in Jun Lin Sun Hobart CBD. We hope everyone will give it a try. Salt Therapy is currently only available at Jun Lin Sun. However, Salt Lamp is on sale at Jun Lin Venus in Glenorchy. To book a salt therapy session, simply click here.

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What is Jun Lin Sun Hobart CBD?

Jun Lin Sun massage is an authentic traditional Chinese massage practice in Hobart Tasmania. The Chinese meaning of our name Jun Lin, outlines our commitment to you. Jun means our clients are always our first priority and our duty is to respect and care for them. Lin means we try our best to make our clients feel most welcome and to assist with any problems they have. Sun stands for energy and serenity. Our staff is highly skilled and trained. We have a total of four locations throughout Hobart. They are Jun Lin Sun in Hobart CBD, Jun Lin Moon in Sandy Bay, Jun Lin Venus in Rosny Park & Jun Lin Earth in Glenorchy.
Our Locations
Jun Lin Moon
14A Magnet Court, Sandy Bay, Tasmania
Jun Lin Sun
Level 1, 77 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania
Jun Lin Venus
8 Bayfield St, Rosny Park TAS 7018
Jun Lin Earth
383 Main Road Glenorchy Tasmania 7010