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General AnnouncementBest Hobart Massage Referral Program | Jun Lin Sun & Jun Lin Moon

Massage & Spa are the best things one can give to themselves. But the best things should be enjoyed together, right? Considering that JUN LIN SUN & JUN LIN MOON is introducing an amazing ‘Referral Program’ which will help you and your friends to reward themselves this summer!

What’s included in this ‘Referral Program’?

The referral program allows any existing JUN LIN SUN and JUN LIN MOON customers to refer their friends to their favorite spa. Both the ‘referrer‘ and ‘referred’ can enjoy 10 AUD credit for each successful referral which they can spend on any service at JUN LIN SUN and JUN LIN MOON.

The Rules for the ‘Referral Program’

  • The ‘Referrer’ must be an existing customer of JUN LIN SUN or JUN LIN MOON.
  • The ‘Referred’ is not a customer of JUN LIN SUN or JUN LIN MOON till now.
  • The ‘Referrer’ will provide the ‘Referred’ with the Phone Number they use to book at JUN LIN SUN or JUN LIN MOON.
  • Both the ‘Referrer’ and the ‘Referred’ must like our Facebook page at
  • The ‘Referred’ have to visit online on our website. For Booking with JUN LIN SUN at 77 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, one needs to visit: And for Booking with JUN LIN MOON at 14A Magnet Court, Sandy Bay one needs to visit:
  • While booking online, the ‘Referred’ needs to write down the phone number provided by the ‘Referrer’ on the field ‘Referred P/Num.
  • Once we check the ‘Referrer’ in our database we will provide both the ‘Referrer’ and ‘Referred’ 10 AUD credit to use on services at our practices.
  • The offer ends on 31 December 2018.

So why wait? Refer more friends to JUN LIN SUN and JUN LIN MOON and earn more credits to enjoy your massage, spa & beauty treatment during this summer.

James Robinson

What is Jun Lin Sun Hobart CBD?

Jun Lin Sun massage is an authentic traditional Chinese massage practice in Hobart Tasmania. The Chinese meaning of our name Jun Lin, outlines our commitment to you. Jun means our clients are always our first priority and our duty is to respect and care for them. Lin means we try our best to make our clients feel most welcome and to assist with any problems they have. Sun stands for energy and serenity. Our staff is highly skilled and trained and Jun Lin Sun operates at Level 1, 77 Elizabeth Street Hobart. We have another outlet named Jun Lin Moon at 14A Magnet Court Sandy Bay.
Our Locations
Jun Lin Moon
14A Magnet Court, Sandy Bay, Tasmania
Jun Lin Sun
Level 1, 77 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania
Jun Lin Venus
8 Bayfield St, Rosny Park TAS 7018
Jun Lin Earth
383 Main Road Glenorchy Tasmania 7010

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