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Recently, we have been contacted by one of our clients, who was willing to organize a surprise bridal party for his beautiful bride and her friends. At Jun Lin Sun, we take every inquiry with the highest sincerity and this time there was no exception. Well, Jun Lin Sun at 77 Elizabeth Street Hobart is undoubtedly one of the most organized and photogenic spa in Hobart CBD. But what else can we do that can blow away this beautiful bride and her friends?

We sat with this question with 5 of our best beauty therapists who have in total 60 years of experience in the industry. A random treatment or a package can work for some specific person, but all of us have our own individuality and the treatment should have a customized experience and also something to cherish for. After hours of discussion, we came to a conclusion which can also make your special moment super special!

Currently, we are the only spa to offer a special ‘Hobart Bridal Party’. We wanted to make it super exceptional in terms of service quality and also value for money. So here goes!

Step 1: The ritual will start with an hour-long Oriental Sensation Spa Ritual

Let me summarise this treatment:

  • We only use SOTHYS™ Paris products for this wonderful treatment
  • This body treatment uses essences of Amber & Myrrh to ensure total relaxation of the body
  • The treatment starts with an exfoliating gel containing aromatic essences and enzymes that gently removes dead skin cells, enhanced with a terracotta stone to increase dead skin cell removal
  • Warm towels remove the exfoliant then warmed oil with date and the amber extract is massaged into the body with deep smoothing and stretching movements…a delicious escape!
  • At the end of the treatment, we will gift the beautiful exfoliating stone to the guests which they can use at home and will remind them of this wonderful spa ritual and the occasion!

So this a complete massage+exfoliation+spa treatment ideal before something special like a marriage. And the good thing is they can keep the stone as a gift after the treatment!

This treatment at a glance:

Style: Aromatherapy, Oriental
Skin Type: All Skin Types including Dry, Dehydrated & Fatigued
Benefits: Relaxation, Softening of the skin and deep nourishment

Sensoriality: Customised

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 145 AUD

Step 2: After the spa ritual we will do Specialised Ampoule Therapy Facial

Let me also summarize this treatment:

  • We only use SOTHYS™ Paris products for this wonderful treatment
  • The therapist will first diagnose the beautiful ladies to understand their skin types and will design a custom facial treatment for them.
  • The facial will start with a double cleansing followed by exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, an intensive ampoule complex, relaxing face massage and finally a treatment mask.
  • The skin is left feeling rejuvenated and radiant.

This treatment at a glance:

Style: Classical, Deluxe

Skin Type: All skin types

Benefits: Hydrating, Deep Cleansing, Brightening, Balancing

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 115 AUD

Step 3: Finally we want to do the Jun Lin Special Hand & Feet Ritual!

Let me summarize this treatment for you:

  • While one beauty therapist is doing Facial for the client, another beauty therapist will do the Hand & Feet Ritual, which will make the lucky beauties feel like Queens!
  • The ritual will start with a warm aromatic foot soak which helps to restore the body’s healthy equilibrium and Qi flow
  • Later we perform herbal exfoliation on the feet and hands.
  • Finally, we perform an essential oil-infused foot and hand musk and correct the dead skin and nail to finish the treatment.

This Treatment at a glance:

Style: Deluxe

Benefits: Intense Relaxation

Duration: 70 minutes

Price: 110 AUD

In total, the treatments will require our guests to stay with us for 2.5 hours each.

First, one therapist will do the body treatment & massage.
Next, One therapist will perform the facial and another therapist will perform the manicure and pedicure at the same time.

Our guests who tried this treatment loved it very much. The treatment cost a total 370 AUD for 2.5 hours which is worth every penny. Massage is something that you should get maybe every week or a fortnight. But this amazing treatment one should at least get once in their life.

James Robinson

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