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Why Spa’s Fake Themselves Online?

On the internet, one can find hundreds of spa and massage practices in a specific town or suburb. Looking at their Facebook page or website, one thing is certain for sure! 99% of the time, spa or massage practices don’t show themselves. It’s just a cheap quality website with some stock photos and that’s it! Even if some expensive spas, promoting their business would use hired models instead of their own team members. What can be the reason?

Possible Reasons:

  1. People Appreciate Good Looking Therapists: The internet has gone a long way to forming our opinions in recent days. Before the internet, TV played its part to establish a myth “Looks are the most important asset”. This perception in the mind of spa owners make them advertise “Fake Spa Images” or “Good Looking Models”
  2. Therapists Can Switch Jobs: It is not uncommon to see therapists switch spa. As a result, some spa owners don’t necessarily like to promote their therapists on social media or the internet.
  3. Cost-Efficiency: A therapist is not a professional model. And if the therapist is not actually feeling like a part of the team, the effort that he/she will put on for the campaign of the spa will be time-consuming and will cost the spa on costs for film equipment, photographers, marketers etc.

Why JUN LIN SUN is different?

At JUN LIN SUN we pride ourself being the “People’s Spa”. With an amazing team of massage, beauty & spa therapists where our base is respect, trust and empathy it is obvious why we are Hobart’s #1 Day spa. After the new management took over the business earlier this year, we have:

  • Brought SOTHYS Paris for the first time ever in Tasmania
  • Introduced the Best Spa Website & Booking System in Tasmania and also probably in Australia
  • Introduced offers for customers who had a ‘previous Jun Lin voucher’ so that they can extract the total value or more from the voucher
  • Continuously listened to our customers at our practice, Social Media, Website to better understand and cater to their needs
  • Promoted our own therapists with Pride

The NEW JUN LIN SUN TV Advertisement

People always have asked us that, the previous JUN LIN Television Ads are ‘old-fashioned’. To get out of this, we have created the best marketing team a spa could have. Our team witnessed what happens on an everyday basis in our spa and tried to put that up in this beautiful ad. We believe, “Actions sounds louder than words” and this understanding helped us create this advertisement with our own therapists and customers.

In the advertisement:

  1. We didn’t use models. Instead, our team members came forward to take the roles that they have been doing every day. We firmly believe. our guests come to JUN LIN SUN for who we are and our skills, not our looks or beauty!
  2. We always want to empower our therapists and they are all part of our family. This belongingness helps them to treat our guests with respect and dignity. So we have never stepped away from promoting them in terms of recognition, marketing etc.
  3. The participation on this advertisement is taken from real life settings in our spas in Level 1, 77 Elizabeth St Hobart CBD and 14A Magnet Court Sandy Bay. Everyone participated for the pleasure of their heart and cost was never an issue for us.

Many thanks to our amazing team of Therapists & Receptionists. Special thanks to Thi, Jasmin, Jane, Ishma, Yurina, Seira, Molly, Ling, Lyn, Yumi.

We would also like to thank our customers Lyn, Clinton & Primoz to support us by enjoying their usual treatments and letting us film it. It really has been a great week and we really enjoyed putting our effort into this advertisement. This TV ad is a result of the combined effort of a beautiful family of therapists, clients who share very fewer similarities in terms of language, nationality or ethnicity but are bonded together under the bright light of JUN LIN SUN. What you see in this Ad, is what you get in Hobart’s #1 Day Spa!

James Robinson

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What is Jun Lin Sun Hobart CBD?

Jun Lin Sun massage is an authentic traditional Chinese massage practice in Hobart Tasmania. The Chinese meaning of our name Jun Lin, outlines our commitment to you. Jun means our clients are always our first priority and our duty is to respect and care for them. Lin means we try our best to make our clients feel most welcome and to assist with any problems they have. Sun stands for energy and serenity. Our staff is highly skilled and trained. We have a total of four locations throughout Hobart. They are Jun Lin Sun in Hobart CBD, Jun Lin Moon in Sandy Bay, Jun Lin Venus in Rosny Park & Jun Lin Earth in Glenorchy.
Our Locations
Jun Lin Moon
14A Magnet Court, Sandy Bay, Tasmania
Jun Lin Sun
Level 1, 77 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania
Jun Lin Venus
8 Bayfield St, Rosny Park TAS 7018
Jun Lin Earth
383 Main Road Glenorchy Tasmania 7010